Sonu Sood Income Tax Survey: What did Sonu Sood say about tax fraud?

Sonu Sood Income Tax Survey: What did Sonu Sood say about tax fraud?

Sonu Sood Income Tax Survey: Rajya Sabha seat offers have come from a total of two parties so far. But, I am not violating any law, “said the famous Bollywood actor Sonu Sood.

  • Sonu Sood breaks silence on tax fraud
  • I have not violated any law, I have answered the questions asked with a record.
  • I have already received Rajya Sabha membership offer from both parties.

Sonu Sood Income Tax Survey: Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has been facing tax fraud charges in recent days. IT officials have accused Sonu Sood of Rs 20 crore in tax fraud. meanwhile, has broken his silence on the matter. In a recent interview, Sonu Sood said, “I have never done anything wrong. I have been offered a Rajya Sabha seat twice.

I have answered all the questions have been asked

Sonu Sood said in an interview to a private news reporter, “I have not violated any law. Tax authorities have questioned me for 4 consecutive days. Has said.

Twice Rajya Sabha membership has been on offer

In a statement, Sonu Sood said, “I have been offered Rajya Sabha membership by two different parties twice. We answered the questions we were asked by providing documents. It is my duty too.

Asked about the political issue Sonu Sood said?

Sonu Sood, who has answered the question of ‘political motive’ behind these attacks, I have not come to any conclusion yet. And I am currently working on education. I am open-minded. When any state calls me, I will definitely help them. Sonu Sood said I am not distracted by what happened. Or I’m not going to stop, the work goes on. Still miles to go. And I work day and night to help people.

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