Sonu Sood Meets Cancer Patient, Patient started crying bitterly, emotional actor Sonu Sood react.

Sonu Sood Meets Cancer Patient, Patient started crying bitterly, emotional actor Sonu Sood react.

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood is now a god of Many peoples in the Country. He often helps the destitute, poor, troubled, and sick people. Due to which people have started liking them more than before. Sonu Sood has been helping troubled people for over a year. Now the situation is that people keep coming to his house with an appeal for help, whose problems are heard by the veteran actor himself.

Recently, a cancer patient came to his house, who on seeing Sonu Sood started touching his feet and started crying bitterly after seeing him. Seeing the trouble and condition of the person, Sonu Sood has also become emotional. He has shared a video of the man on social media and has also written an emotional post for him. Sonu Sood is one of the most active artists on social media.

He has shared a video of a cancer patient on his official Instagram account. In the video, a person named Abhishek starts crying after seeing Sonu Sood and touches his feet. However, Sonu Sood forbids him to do so and is seen trying to silence him. It is seen in the video that after silencing the person, Sonu Sood also gives him a phone as a gift.

Sharing this video, Sonu Sood has written an emotional post for the person. He wrote in the post, ‘The way people are facing difficulties across the country is heartbreaking, although now the cases of Covid 19 are decreasing but the condition of some families is still the same. Meet Abhishek who lost his hearing and is still undergoing treatment.

Sonu Sood further wrote in the post, ‘Overwhelmed by him so much love and wish him a speedy recovery. There is an appeal to the people to come forward, together we should help the people so that they can overcome these problems. This post of Sonu Sood is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Fans of the veteran actor and all social media users are sharing a lot of his posts

Video Courtesy: Sonu_Sood

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